There are so many disinfectant products out in the market, but how will you know if it’s doing its job? One main thing that many people don’t realize is that you cannot disinfect the surface before you clean it. On many surfaces such as your countertops or tables, it is important to clean away any dirt or crumbs before using any type of disinfectant. By doing so, you can remove the barrier of protection that the bacteria have, and the disinfectant can fully penetrate the germs.

But even so, it can be challenging to choose the right product to use. Some products only sanitize where other products disinfect. A quick way to differentiate the two is that sanitization products only reduce the number of bacteria, whereas disinfectants deactivate bacteria and viruses.

When I’m cleaning, I find that many people aren’t allowing their disinfectants to do its job thoroughly. Every bottle of disinfectant has its own unique contact time. On average, the contact time is about one minute, but the longer you leave it on the surface, the better it can penetrate the germs and bacteria. Some products state that you should use the product for four minutes for it to clean the surface thoroughly, this doesn’t mean you need to be continually wiping for four minutes, it merely means that the contact time from when it’s wet to dry should be at least four minutes long.

Using disinfecting wipes can also be an easy way to clean your home. But how long can one wipe last? When it’s wet, it can disinfect, but once it’s dry, it’s time to say goodbye. But always remember, before you disinfect, clean your surfaces to get rid of any grime.

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