A bleach bath to treat eczema? You’ve got to be kidding me!  That was my initial reaction when my daughter’s dermatologist advised her to soak in a bleach bath for 10 minutes, 3 times a week to help calm her eczema and prevent a bacterial skin infection.

As a professional cleaner, I take great pride in using environmentally-friendly cleaning products.  I didn’t even own a bottle of bleach if the truth be told. But before running to the store to purchase the dreaded bottle of bleach, my natural scepticism told me I should first verify the validity of this information.  So what did I do? Consult Google, of course.

A quick search and low and behold, The Mayo Clinic and The National Eczema Association (American) both provided the same guidance on bleach baths.  So The Doc was right after all! A bleach bath is quite common for helping to alleviate or lessen the chronic effects of eczema particularly after the onset of bacterial infection.

So, for eczema sufferers everywhere check out the links I’ve listed below. It’s important to note that you should first consult your physician before taking the plunge into a bleach bath.



Eczema bleach bath: Can it improve my symptoms? (Mayo Clinic)

10 Tips for Bleach Baths From the NEA Community

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